This is the most beautiful Ben and Leslie fanvid you’ll see and if you’re not crying you’re lying because OMG

would you ever let someone else run this blog? just wondering because it seems like you aren't as active as you used to be.

Yes, but heres the thing, I am not the original creator of this blog. The person who used to run it asked if anyone wanted to and I said yeah. Theres another person who also runs this blog but they never post so idk if they are the original creator or someone else who also got chosen to help. However, I have asked in the past if anyone wanted to help and no one answered so I just post when I can, and when I have time off from school. 

TL;DR: Yes, anyone can ask and I’ll probably let them be a moderator. 


Benjamin Wyatt. The man of my dreams. The one that I love.

I haven't been able to watch parks and rec lately but are Ben and Lesli having a baby??


Yes, they are having triplets, if the gifsets floating around are accurate :) 



Plus, every time I start talking to you, five seconds later I want to jump your bones.




I still think “friendzone” should be a big calzone you share with your friends.